Monday, August 1, 2016

August 1, I Kings 15:25-34

August 1, I Kings 15:25-34

As I've said many times, the modern so called reality shows can't compare to the intrigue and plots in the bible.  Nadab becomes king of Israel and he is such an evil king that people conspire against him lead by Baasha.  Baasha not only killed Nadab but all of his relatives so there could be no other claim to the throne.  Baasha is the third king in Israel, Asa the third in Judah, (If we count Solomon).  So far all of the northern kings have done evil and it says they caused Israel to sin.  Do you get this?  A nation will take it's lead from it's leader, put an evil person in power and the people will follow.  Contrast that to Asa's reign where he walked upright before God and lead the people in like manner.

Today's workout, back biceps intervals. 
Step up, pull up, burpee, biceps curl, jump rope, row, windmill, T.

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