Wednesday, August 10, 2016

August 10, I Kings 18:30-40

August 10, I Kings 18:30-40
Elijah has had enough, the prophets of Baal have spent most of the day and nothing has happened so now it’s God’s turn.  Elijah first calls the people then he repairs the altar of God that Jezebel tore down. Think about this, the text just gives us a couple of sentences, he used 12 stones but how big was it?  How did they put it together?  How long did this take and how many people were involved?  Not a simple task and it certainly took more than just a few moments. Next Elijah digs a moat around the altar to hold 2 seahs volume, sources are unclear what this is but between 3 and 7 gallons of water, let’s say 5.  So as they poured water on the offering consider that it hasn’t rained in three years, the ground will soak up a lot and still they filled the trench.  Perhaps more than 15 gallons of water was poured on the altar.  The wood was dry but now it’s wet, there could be no hidden fire beneath the altar so it couldn’t be a magician trick.  And Elijah prays, I have a picture in my mind, a man of average build with a long ZZ top beard, he kneels down before the altar humbling himself before God and quietly prays. No shouting, no great displays or rituals, he simply prays.  And God answers, not with a tendril of smoke that becomes a flame, not with fire coming up from beneath the altar, but it says the fire of The Lord fell, a ball of flame, larger than the altar fell and consumed everything, the bull, the wood, the stones, the water and the sand. EVERYTHING!  

Today's workout, no – equip cardio 30 intervals and 1.5 mile jog.
Step, climber, windmill, jump rope, lunge.

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