Saturday, August 13, 2016

August 13, I Kings 19:1-8

August 13, I Kings 19:1-8

Ahab has gone home to Jezebel and she’s not happy with Elijah at all.  Unfortunately Elijah usually takes some ridicule here.  Just yesterday he was so bold to face 450 false prophets but today this one woman has him frightened for his life.  Give credit where it’s due, in his trouble Elijah runs to God but let’s look deeper at what’s happened.  Soldiers today returning from battle are forever changed.  Years ago the term was shell shock, today we use PTSD.  Do you suppose that after the killing of 450 men Elijah might be suffering?  There’s a lot of weight to bear, and Jezebel’s announcement was just the thing to set Elijah off.  At first he runs perhaps as far as he can go, I don’t think he had a plan, just needed to get away alone, severe depression and remorse has set in. I have first hand experience with severe clinical depression, it sucks and most people don’t understand it.  Elijah is tired, we don’t know how old he is and we know little of what he’s done for God.  Maybe he looks back on his life and the thought that this is as good as it gets, and people will remember him most for killing a bunch of his relatives is just too much. If you’ve never been in a similar situation rejoice, I’ve been there, more than once, the only help I can give to anyone who may find themselves in a similar place is that everything eventually changes, not always better but it does change.
But God knows what Elijah needs and He knows where Elijah will go, so an angel is sent with food for the journey.  And so he goes to Mt Horeb, this is where God met with Israel and gave them the 10 commandments.  Perhaps Elijah sees this as a place to get close to God.

Today's workout.  30 intervals cardio, jog 1.5 miles.
Squat, step over, windmill, box hop, climber.

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