Sunday, August 14, 2016

August 14, I Kings 19:9-18 Elijah at Mt Horeb

August 14, I Kings 19:9-18

Here we see Elijah climbing Mt Horeb, he’s spent 40 days traveling, he’s tired and dirty but the destination is here.  Elijah finds a cave to camp in.  We don’t know the weather, maybe he’s going in to get out of the sun or other elements. Maybe he's going in because of his depression. But now God comes to him and asks a profound question, do you get it?  What are you doing here?  Elijah doesn't actually answer, maybe he just doesn’t understand.  I was at a weight loss support group last month and the question was asked, what are you hungry for.  Most responses were food but that wasn’t really the question.  What are you hungry for?  Sad but most people can’t give an answer.  Life can become a daily grind, I compare it to running in a hamster wheel.  We can easily lose our dreams and passions, the daily focus becomes simply survival. God asked Elijah again, what are you doing here?  He asked twice and Elijah gives the same answer.  God shows him something though. The world may turn in turmoil, seasons will change, winds, rain and disasters will come but God is still the same always.  And then God shows Elijah His compassion, he wants to go home, he really is tired so God gives him just a few more tasks. Anoint the next kings and then anoint your successor.  I think Elijah left with his spirits lifted, just a little while longer and someone else will deal with the world’s troubles.

Today's workout, legs. 5 sets 8-12 reps
Hamstring curl, dumb bell squat, walking lunge, straight leg deadlift, leg press.

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