Wednesday, August 17, 2016

August 17, 1 Kings 20:13-23, God fights for Ahab

August 17, 1 Kings 20:13-23

It's unfortunate that the scripture doesn't tell us how many soldiers Ben Hadad had with him, we know only that it was greater than 7000.  From the context I would say significantly greater just in infantry without counting the horse or chariots.  We know that Ahab was not a good king, nearly every reference to him says that he did evil in the sight of the lord.  None the less God will show Himself powerful and preserve Israel.  
And so a prophet of God comes and Ahab is so lost spiritually that he doesn't believe the prophet.  He asks by whom can Israel be delivered a coloquialism might be you and what army?  But God has no need of a great army, a Jew who was well educated in the Torah and histories would know how God can deliver with just a few.  Now let's look at Ben Hadad, he's so certain of his own might that he has all of his commanders over for mid day cocktails and they're all drunk.  Even with word of the army leaving Samaria Ben Hadad is not concerned, his command is simply to capture them.  So God uses the small force of 7000 in Israel to rout a great army. Now the unknown prophet says to Ahab,  get ready because this king and his army will return in the spring.  This is both a warning and a prophecy, so what should Ahab do?  From a worldly standpoint he should enlarge his forces, from a Godly standpoint he should do all that he can to walk upright before the lord.

Today's workout, no equipment 24 intervals, jog 1 1/2 mile.
Squat, grapevine, windmill, jacks, climber, lunge.

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