Tuesday, August 2, 2016

August 2, I Kings 16

August 2, I Kings 16

In this chapter we see five different kings in Israel, and each of them were evil.  Baasha was so bad that God wiped out his entire line, he would have no offspring.  We know little about Elah, just that he reigned two years before a member of his court killed him and took the throne.  Zimri reigned and completed what was prophesied against Baasha's family.  Zimri was king for only a week and took his own life and caused a civil war between Omri and Tibni.
Omri killed Tibni in battle and became king. And the last king in this chapter is Ahab who we'll look at more deeply in the next days but these kings have something in common.  They all sinned and caused Israel to sin, they were considered by God to be evil.  I suppose there were people who followed them who didn't think they were evil, just as today people follow evil leaders and don't believe they are evil.  What were the things these kings did?  They worshiped idols, quite possibly demons.  They sacrificed children to the idols.  They denied God as sovereign.  They indulged in pleasures of flesh.  Sounds like most of today's population.  God says these behaviors are evil.  

Today's workout. chest-shoulders intervals. 
High knees, push up, box hop, bench dip, jump rope, hug, windmill, db shoulder press.

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