Tuesday, August 23, 2016

August 23, 1 Kings 22:1-12 False prophets

August 23, 1 Kings 22:1-12  False prophets

The first verse in this chapter deserves some consideration.  For three years there was no war with Syria, it's as if to say that for three years nothing significant happened.  That's most of our lives, we live large chuncks of time and nothing significant happens.  With all of the millions of people that exist or have eisted only a handful are remembered past their own lives, and those who are remembered the fondest didn't try.  Something to ponder.  Israel and Judah come together to reclaim land from Syria.  Jehoshaphat should be commened as he first asked to seek the Lord before going to battle.  Verse 6 says that Ahab gathered the prophets together but it doesn't say these were prophets of God, more likely the 400 prophets of Asherah that Jezebel had.  But Jehoshaphat wants to hear from God, Ahab doesn't because every time he peaks to God's prophet he tells Ahab what he's doing wrong.  That is unfortunately a human failing, none of us really want to know what we're doing wrong and we all are.  But instead Ahab has 400 men telling him how great he is and how great his victory will be.  Always be careful around people that constantly flatter you or prophecy only good.

Today's workout, chest-shoulders intervals. 
High knees, push up, box hop, bench dip, jump rope, hug, windmill, db shoulder press.

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