Wednesday, August 24, 2016

August 24-2, A little annoyed

The last several days I've been annoyed by various things. It started Monday, Vicki and I were planning to attend a support group meeting at 6.  I worked late, didn't leave till neary 5 so I was trying to get home, do a quick change and go.  Isaac called on my way home, his car died about 2 miles from home.  When I got there I discovered the timing belt broke.  We got the car back home and by this time the support group meeting was out of the question.  I hadn't seen Vicki since Sunday after church and while I know some couples that would consider this good, I was looking forward to spending some time together.  Got parts from Autozone and tore most of the car apart Monay evening.  After work Tuesday I finished putting it back together.  While this was not something I really wanted to do, I am thankful for the ability to do this myself.  About 5 hours labor and $20 for parts.  Tuesay evening right after I finished the car Isaac took it to work.  Around 8 or so as I'm home alone with Netflix, I was getting annoyed at Vicki.  She'd been gone since Sunday afternoon, at least as far as us seeing each other.  There were several issues running through my head.  As I thought about different things I realized it wasn't really Vicki that I'm annoyed at.  You see a friend of ours was in the hospital last week, she's home now and needs some help.  Vicki has been the only one to offer any, what's got me annoyed is the number of people that knew she was in the hospital who didn't call or visit.  And that haven't offered any help.  Thinking back about 22 years ago when we were in Little Rock we had some family troubles.  We too knew a lot of people who were able to help but didn't.  We both made a decision that should the situation be reversed, should we know someone needing help that we can provide we would.  So while I miss my wife, what she's doing is the right thing.  She doesn't have a job yet, although I wish she did, but at this particular time, as she is available to minister it's the right thing to do.  And I'll get over being annoyed.

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