Sunday, August 28, 2016

August 28, II Kings 1:-18 Elijah and Ahaziah

When I read the stories in scriptures many times I have images of what's described, certainly not precise, we put things together from our past experiences.  When I read that king Ahaziah fell through the roof I get a mixed image of slapstick comedy, a combination of three stooges, the Blues Brothers when the building is blown up, and Tom Haks in the Money Pit.  None of these are accurate, it's just the images my mind brings forward.  The king fell and suffered injuried sufficient to cause his death, not immediate, probably an enternal hemorage or perhaps a concussion.  So he sends men to ask the devil if he'll live, (Baal-zebub is a name commonly associated with Satan).  Yet on the way they're confronted by Elijah, who chastens them and the king and gives grave news.  So we've set the stage for the main idea in this chapter.
King Ahaziah experiences the stages of grief, denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.  I see the first three here as he sends troops to get Elijah.  He knows what happened on Mt Carmel, he wants Elijah to heal him.  Now picture Elijag on a mountain, I see a man of average build, past middle age, long white hair and beard.  The image I get is of a ZZ top member.  A company of fifty soldiers come for him, theyre not coming peacefully, a king doesn't send fifty people to cordially invite one for an audience.  Some find fault with Elijah calling fire from heaven but it's not Elijah who destroys these men, the fire is from God and no-one tells God what to do.  This happens twice then on the third time the captain shows piety.  This man understands his place in these events, he must obey his king but he will also give reverence to God.  It's not a confrontation or a command, it's a humble request.  King Ahaziah's intent was to make demands on God through Elijah. We may make no demands on God, people constantly take scriptures out of context to say that if we do such then God must do such. WRONG!  

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