Monday, August 29, 2016

August 29, II Kings 2:-1-14 Elijah taken to heaven

What a sight that would have been.  There's so much in this story that I find exciting.  Elijah already knows that today is the day he goes home, he's got to be excited about that.  God sends him to several places and at each place the prophets there (more like bible students than actual prophets) also know that today is the day.  So God has collected a small crowd to be witnesses to both his taking of Elijah and the passing on to Elisha of the mantle.   I won't even guess at what the vision was that they saw, they describe it in terms that they understood at that time.  This group of students stand on the opposite side of this river when suddely the sky splits open, from it they see a whirlwind of lights and color, more beautiful than anyone could imagine.  It comes down and seperates the two men of God  then just as suddenly Elijah and the colors are gone.  WOW!

Today's workout, Pull intervals.
Step, pull-up, hop, hamstring curl, weight swing or climbers, row, skater or step-over, bicep curl.

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