Wednesday, August 3, 2016

August 3, I Kings 17:1-7

August 3, I Kings 17:1-7

We'll back up just a bit to chapter 16 vs 34 and look at Hiel.  We know little about the man but that he rebuilt Jericho.  Joshua cursed the city and the exact meaning is obscure, some believe that Hiel's sons died in the building and some believe that the curse was for a lifetime of labor.  That a man who tries to rebuild will begin when his first son is born but will not finish until his last.  And the meaning of the word last is the last that is possible.  So a man would labor from his late teens until his 60's perhaps.  Again it's not clear but this makes sense to me.  A man whose children are dieing off might think twice about continuing with the work.

Now enters the prophet Elijah, the man is a bit of a mystery.  His heritage is unknown, it is believed he was from the tribe of Gad.  Some believe he was an angel of God sent in a human body to call Israel back.  But this is conjecture and not found in the scriptures.  He was a powerful prophet and his name means 'he is my God'.  

There is a connection between these chapters in the curse of Joshua on Jericho and the curse pronounced by Moses in Deuteronomy 11:16-17 'If ye turn aside, and serve other gods, and worship them, then the Lord's wrath shall be kindled against you; and he will shut up
the heaven that there be no rain”.  It may take hundreds of years before God moves but He will move just as He says. 

Today's workout, no-equipment cardio 30 intervals and 1 mile jog.
Squat, climber, windmill, glute bridge, jacks.

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