Tuesday, August 30, 2016

August 30, II Kings 2:15-25 Elisha and the she bears

Two items to look at in this chapter, first it's the scholars who witnessed God taking Elijah want to go look for his body.  Sort of foolish as they saw what happened, none the less what I really think is they want to find some artifact of his, maybe his garment or belt which they would enshrine and worship.  We humans tend to do that, find some relic associated with God or an act of God and instead of focusing on God we focus on the relic.  Which is the reason I believe so many ancient items are lost.  The second issus and the title piece deals with the boys and the bears.  Reading the text may not be easy to understand, they are mocking Elisha for being bald and for believing that God took Elijah.  It's like saying why don't you go up too?  And it's a denial that it actually happened.   And we must also remember that Elisha had no power to call out the bears, he simply pronounced a curse on these boys for blasphemy, they deny the things that God has done.  In any place and in any time that deed will bring a curse, even today.  The bears were either a strange accident or sent from God.

Today's workout. Cario intervals.
Step, grepevine, burpee, windmill, jump rope, weight swing.

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