Wednesday, August 31, 2016

August 31, II Kings 3:1-12

I'm splitting this chpater in two days, first let's look at this agreement between Ahab and Moab.  We don't know how this treaty came to be but the tribute of 100,000 lambs and the wool of 100,000 rams is a lot of money.  Now that Ahab is dead he apparently doesn't feel obligated to paying.  So a war will start, note that as with most wars they start over money.  The fact is that most fights in life of any kind have some root in money and greed.
We also see that the son of Ahab kept relations open with Jehoshaphat in Judah.  Actually a good idea as they are kinfolk.  Now imagine this, we have three kings and their armies wandering around Moab with no clear plan and it isn't until they  run out of water that anyone thinks to seek God.  Yup human pride getting in the way again.

Today's workout, Push intervals.
Step, push-up, grapevine, squat, jump-rope, triceps, lunge, shoulder press.

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