Saturday, August 6, 2016

August 6, I Kings 18:1-6

August 6, I Kings 18:1-6

A lot happens in these 6 verses, God tells Elijah to go see Ahab.  We are told the drought and famine has laster more than 3 years.  The prophets of God, meaning the priests or perhaps even Levites were cut off and had to hide.  We know that Obidiah was a good man and provided food for the prophets.  Obidiah and Ahab are looking for water around the area, the drought was localized in the region around Samaria, the place where Ahab made his home.
And even though it hasn’t rained, some natural underground springs still provided water.  Even in this time of judgment God left enough resources to survive if someone took the effort to find them.

Today's workout. Cardio intervals and 1 mile jog.
Step up, squat, windmill, burpee, jump rope.

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