Monday, September 12, 2016

Don't be a modern Christian, be a follower of Christ

That was as statement someone made at a prayer breakfast last Saturday, and unlike another breakfast that I've attended we actually prayed together for each other.  Wow what a concept.  I've posted a blog on this topic before and judging by the behavior no-one read it or at least didn't get the point.  Here's the disturbing trend, I can't tell the Christians from the pagans on Facebook. I've seen in the recent past ridicculous postings, pictures of political candidates that said or did something stupid.  Or something that they lied about.  News flash, we all do stupid things and politicians lie. How does posting a meme on Facebook fix any problems?  It wouldn't be so bad if it were just new Christians but I see mature beleivers and even clergy posting foolishness.  Today I saw the same picture from at least 5 people, it's a comparison between Hiroshima and Detroit.  Both look like crap, the photo assigns blame.  I think when Jesus looks at those pictures he weeps, how can humans do this to each other and then politicize it?  It seems the main topic lately is some fool decided to not salute the flag, it's a good bet that half the country didn't know who this bozo was two weeks ago but now he's front page news, why?  Because people who professs to be Christians are making an issue of something that shouldn't be an issue.  Pagans act like pagans, it's what they do, why do you expect something different?  When I was growing up my dad told me that if you ignore a fool he'll go away, but the problem with this fool is that he's a god.  Yup a large portion of the country have made him a god, they put aside a block of time each week just to be with him.  And the so called issue that he's supporting isn't getting any attention, it's all about self.  And of course others have seen how this one person got so much attention that they need to do it too.  STOP IT!  Stop responding to stupidity.  Christians are suppose to be different, so be different.  The issue isn't about politics, it's not about police, or race.  It's not about patriotism or loyalty, it's evil forces causing strife and discord in our society and the Christians are fanning the flames the most. STOP IT.
Stop posting foolish pictures, stop forwarding news stories that may or may not be true, stop acting like pagans. I know a lot of people that think one presidential candidate or the other can fix our problems.  News flash, neither candidate can fix the problems.  You want to fix the problems, start acting like followers of Christ. Whatever happened to whatsover things are good and pure and right think on these things?  Stop thinking about the evil things and focus on good.  If what you're posting won't bring glory to God then don't post it.

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