Thursday, September 1, 2016

September 1, II Kings 3:13-20 Elisha and the kings

I was going to do this in two days but I saw something this morning that stood out.  Elisha is wearing Elijah's mantle and the similarity of the names are significant.  I think these kings see him and they remember Elijah at the same time.  I like what the prophet first says to Jehoram, 'why don't you go ask the prophets of your father and mother?'.  He's obviously an idolater and not putting his faith in God, but the response says a lot. “No; it is the Lord who has called these three kings to give them into the hand of Moab.”  I think it important to note that even though Jehoram worshipped idols, he still recognized God as soverign.  But he's sitting on the fence so to speak.  And I think it significant to see that as even though this man sinned greatly, there was still a part that knew who God was and the potential to repent and return.  And God offers to all of them salvation, a tribute to Jeroboam who was faithful to God.  Salvation comes from one place alone, always has, the living water from God alone.

Today's workout, cardio intervals.
High knees, climbers, windmill, body saw, jump rope, step over.

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