Monday, September 12, 2016

September 12, II Kings 5:19-27 Just basic greed

The last section of this chapter deals with base human traits, greed and selfishness.  It is never a good idea to try and capitalize on what God does. I believe that I've seen the holy spirit begin to move and men come in seeking to make a profit which quenches the spirit.  God will not share His glory.  Looking specifically at this story, Gehazi knows Naaman's state of mind.  It's much like hucksters selling memorials to widows right after their husband dies.  Maybe Gehazi is tired of being a poor servant, we really don't know how Elisha and his servants lived.  We do know that Elisha came from a wealthy family and he had his own home.  Maybe he had no need for anything.  But here is a great opportunity.  Naaman came from Syria with a caravan full of wealth. He was initially willing to give it all to be healed, why shouldn't he give something.  Such logic can get us in trouble.  So Gehazi concocts a story, any time we need to lie about something it's a warning that we're doing wrong.  Of course Naaman is so grateful that he not only gives what is asked but even more, the silver was probably about 120 pounds.  One talent of silver would be about 9 years wages for a common laborer.  At minimum wages today, 2 talents would be around $260,000.  I wonder if the Syrians who helped him bring it back had any suspicions when he hid the silver and garments.  Obviously Gehazi knows it's wrong or he wouldn't try to hide things, what I find incredible is that he doesn't expect God's prophet to know what he's done.  And for his actions God punished Gehazi and his family with leprosy.  

Today's workout, Pull intervals. 
Step, pull-up, hop, hamstring curl, climbers, row, step-over, bicep curl.

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