Wednesday, September 14, 2016

September 14, II Kings 6:8-23 He knows what you do in your bedroom

The main focus of this story is typically that God's army is bigger than the world's army but we just don't see them.  But there's a verse that should cause us to stop for a second.  The king's servant said that the man of God tells the king of Israel what he says in his bedroom.  What if God told someone what you say and do in your bedroom?  The simple fact is that God is with us always and could tell anyone what we do anywhere.  Would that cause a problem?  If you're like me, and since none of us are without sin, the answer is sometimes yes. Something to think about. 

Today's workout, Push intervals.
Step, push-up, grapevine, squat, jump-rope, triceps, lunge, shoulder press.


  1. I would not be in fear. I only go to the bedroom to talk about things we don't want the kids to hear. I am sure there are moments that God just sighs and shakes his head at me.

    1. Thanks for the reply but I wasn't just thinking of the bedroom. Every now and then we all do things that we probably don't want anyone else to know about. How did you fin the blog?