Friday, September 16, 2016

September 16, II Kings 6:31 This is all God's fault

I am going back to look at something from yesterday's reading.  The king of Israel has just made a vow to kill the prophet Elisha, blaming him and God for Israel's troubles.  A parallel can be drawn from this today when pagans will ask, where is God when disasters strike?  The answer in both cases is the same, God is where he's always been, the people want nothing to do with Him and their lifestyles for the most part cause their own distress.  There is unfortunately some fallout in this as some people who may be trying to live for God will be affected by the evil around them.  Sin effects not just the sinner but it effects the environment, and when it comes from the nations' leaders it effects the people in general.

Today's workout, pull intervals.
Step, pull-up, hop, hamstring curl, climbers, row, skater, bicep curl.

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