Saturday, September 17, 2016

September 17, II Kings 7, God wins without fighting

Looking at the whole chapter today.  I don't know why God finally chose to move at this time, some think it was because the king was shown to be wearing sack cloth, perhaps but scripture doesn't specifically say.  We also don't know how long the siege lasted, several months I'd guess. Israel was opressed for long enough for the people to start losing hope, especially the captain with the king.  Elisha promises so much food that where a cup of bird seed sold for $10, tomorrow 2 bags of flour will sell for a nickle. When things are bleak that may be hard to imagine. But it's the Syrian army and their actions that are most incredible.  The text reads that they heard sounds like an army.  Not that they saw one or that they confirmed one was coming, just that they heard sounds.  I can't imagine a modern army retreating because of noises but still it's possible. God can simply cause confusion and drive them off. Imagine what the camp looked like, tents are still up, equipment all over the ground, and in the mess tent dinner was prepared but not eaten.  And this wasn't a small camp, they've been besieging Samaria for some time, the camp had to hold more than 1000 soldiers. And so these three lepers, people who wouldn't be able to associate with the rest of the people, bring deliverence to Israel from God'a hand. Sometimes deleverence comes from an unexpected place.

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