Sunday, September 18, 2016

September 18, II Kings 8:1-6 Coincidence or divine providence?

When I read this story I needed to do some research on who the Shunamite woman could have been, and what it meant to be a Shunamite.  Under the Torah, the land of Israel was divided to the tribes and it must remain within those tribes for ever. An outsider could not possess Israel's land so she must have been an Israelite. As it turns out she's called a Shunamite not by family description but by city, the city of Shunem was a part of the inheritance of Issachar. Not sure what you'd call a descendant of Issachar.  So certainly she could possess that land especially as she has a son who will inherit it. How these circumstances can come together that the king would be discussing this very woman and her child at that moment, a very incredible coincidence, or are there no coincidences? 

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