Tuesday, September 20, 2016

September 20, II Kings 8:16-29 Should believers and non believers marry?

That question comes up from time to time, there are some clear teachings through the scriptures but I wouldn't limit it to marriage. Believers and non believers should not be yoked together anywhere. As we finish this chapter we look at two of Judah's kings and we're told that both did evil before God. We're also told that part of the reason was the influence of Ahab and his daughter.  Ahab was an Israelite who married Jezebel for politics.  We know that Jezebel brought idolatry to Ahab and he practiced it.  His daughter brought it to Judah 
when she married Jehoram. And Ahaziah was friends with Ahab and walked in his ways.  We see countless examples of how the practices of the pagans have enticed God's people away and few the other way. It's mainly because we have a natural tendency to be rebellious, it takes very little to push us over the edge. Nonetheless each person is responsible for themselves. For that reason it's important that believers and non believers not be equally yoked together. Certainly we can work together toward a common goal but be very cautious about being a partner or spouse.

Today's workout, Cardio intervals.
Step, grapevine, windmill, jump rope, climber

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