Thursday, September 22, 2016

September 22, II Kings 9:14-37 Jehu's bloodlust and the end of Jezebel

God told Jehu to kill off all of Ahab's family, here in this chapter we have a more abbreviated version of some of the events, II Chronicles 22 gives more detail. Knowing what Joram and Jezebel did they deserved to die, I may not agree that an arrow in the back is the right way to execute justice.  I sort of like how Jezebel fell (pun intended).  She was an evil woman who ruled for a log time, but at the same time no one evil person can rule unless they have others to help or simply do nothing.  That's true in all of history, no matter whay evil ruler we may think of they always had followers that enabled them.  That these eunuchs finally tired of her and took action I think was fitting.  I at first wondered about Ahaziah since he was king of Judah, and wasn't a good king there either.  As it turns out he was Ahab's grandson so he too was to be executed.

Today's workout, 20:00 any cardio. I biked 4.5 miles

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