Sunday, September 25, 2016

September 25, II Kings 10:28-36 The reign of Jehu ends

So we see in the end that Jehu wasn't much better a king than his predecessors.  He was obedient in the task to eliminate Ahab's house, but God never said that He approved of the method.  Jehu was a military man who became king and a politician.  He was arrogant and self serving to the end, so common of so many politicians through history.  He singled out Baal worship to be removed yet maintained worship of golden images.  I wonder if perhaps he looked at the Baal worshipers as a possible political enemy to be removed.  Even though God called him directly, Jehu never sought after God or His ways. Because Jehu was obedient in some things, his family is promised the throne for four generations.  Perhaps a chance for one of his descendants to redeem the family and extend the reign. But this reinforces the idea that God only rewards obedience.  We must remember several things, first that God does whatever He wants for His reasons and it does not depend on us.  That Jehu was living under The Law which was a system based on performance and sacrifices. That today through Christ we are no longer constrained by the law but we receive grace.  If God's blessings are tied to performance under The Law then there is no grace. Certainly I would not expect someone who worships golden images to receive the blessings of God but that's above my pay grade. The bible does plainly tell us what it is God wants, through history that same idea resonates.  To do what is just, to love mercy, to walk humbly before God.

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