Monday, September 26, 2016

September 26, II Kings 11:1-3 Waiting for the baby to be king

One really needs a family tree or team roster when studying the books of kings.  The family lines get intermixed and both Judah and Israel have kings with the same names at different times. We're only looking at 4 verses today but they tell us a lot.  Checking the team roster we know that Athaliah is the daughter of Ahab and Jezebel, we also know that she slaughtered the royal household at the same time that Jehu slaughtered the line of Ahab. I would tend to think her actions were in retaliation for Jehu's. She is certainly a child like her parents, bent toward evil and personal gain.  We know nothing specific about her reign as queen, only that she removed all of the possible heirs when she took the throne. Yet she had a grandson, Joash, who was probably about 1 year old. Joash's sister hid him for six years, now that's patience. I find it interesting that she hid him in the House of The Lord, a place one would not expect the daughter of Jezebel to go. It's the patience today that strikes me, I have a problem with patience and no I will NOT ask God for patience. It is however a lesson that I believe is ongoing. But this young lady took her infant brother to the priest to be saved against a day when he could be king. How long did she expect to wait? I would think more than 6 years.  Most of us have trouble waiting a day for something to happen. If you are having trouble with being patient or know someone that is, while this statement may be true do NOT quote it to someone who's in the midst of trouble. "God's time is not our time." That too is one of the dumb things Christians say to each other. Better to say, "I too chafe at waiting, hang in there and if I can help please ask."

Today's workout, Pull intervals
Step, pull-up, hop, hamstring curl, climbers, row, skaters, bicep curl.

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