Tuesday, September 27, 2016

September 27, II Kings 11:4-20 Be ready to avoid trouble

I wonder about the back story here, why Jehoiada decided at the age of 7 to make Joash king. Maybe it was getting harder to keep him secret. He shows wisdom as he rounds up loyal guards to protect the boy king when he is presented in his office. I also note the only words recorded from Athaliah are treason, really coming from her? I like that the priest makes a covenant between The Lord, the king and the people.  Being raised by the priest could be either good or bad, we'll have to see. Also the last verse strikes me, the people rejoiced and the city was quiet at the death of Athaliah. That's how it should be, rejoice at the end of a tyrant's rule but not at anyone's death.

Today's workout, cardio intervals
High knees, climbers, windmills, jump rope, side lunge

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