Saturday, September 3, 2016

September 3, II Kings 4:1-7 Elisha and the widow's oil

I've heard twisted sermons on this section of scripture of how God will multiply whatever we have by faith but once again we have an occurance to a certain person for a specific reason.  The first item to look at is the widow's husband incurred a debt, something scripture teaches in so many places we should avoid.  Obviously all debts are not the same, a home mortgage is a secured debt and very few people can buy a house outright.  But credit cards, and cash advances are unsecured and things to avoid.  We don't know what the debt was or how much.  This widow's husband had been a student with Elisha so of course she goes to him.  His instructions are very specific, gaher vessels, then close yourself up and start filling the vessels until the oil runs out.  He very plainly told her that she'd fill all of the vessels. So now she has time to think, how many vessels can I borrow?  How much oil will this really yeild?  Apparently she gathered up a lot as the oil would pay off her debt and allow her and her sons to live off the rest.  The miracle is attributed to Elisha yet no-man has the power to do these things, it still comes from God, Elisha simply relayed instructions.  We see in this examples of faith and obedience along with compassion by both God and the prophet.

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