Wednesday, September 7, 2016

September 7, II Kings 5:1-5 Naaman the leper 1

The story of Naaman gets a lot of attention.  I think I've heard a sermon on this at least every other year for the past 30 years.  Some times twice in the same year.  There are a lot of principles in this story and we'll take several days to look at some.  Lets start with the first character of note.  
It's not Naaman, it's not the prophet, and it's not the king.  The first person of significance in this story is an un-named Jewish girl.  We know little of the girl, how old she was or for how long she had been a slave but here are some things that we can discern.  She was faithful to God, she kept alive in her the faith that God and God's prophet could heal disease.  Interesting that she kept that belief yet was resigned to live and serve a pagan mistress.  Could not the same God free her?  Certainly God can do anything yet she was here at this particular place and time and God chose to use her for His purpose.  I wonder of which prophet she spoke and how she had that knowledge.  Did she think Elijah still alive?  Did someone bring word to other slaves of how Elijah was cought up to heaven and that now Elisha wears his mantle?  Things we do not know.  We know that there was something different about this girl so that Naaman, his wife and even the king took note of what she said.  Imagine today a teen aged girl, working as a maid for one of the military chief's of staff.  She tells him of a great prophet and he in turn tells the president who sends his chief with a letter of introduction to a foreign king.  All at the word of a young girl. Sometimes the most significant people never try to be.

Today's workout, Pull intervals. 
Step, pull-up, hop, hamstring curl, weight swing or climbers, 
row, skater or step-over, bicep curl.

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