Thursday, September 8, 2016

September 8, II Kings 5:6-8 Naaman the leper 2

The next character to look at in this story is the king of Israel, most likely Jehoram.  Naaman arrives in Israel with a small caravan and a fortune in gold and merchandise. Can you imagine how excited Jehoram would be to see all of that coming into his city?  Naaman has a letter from his king asking the king of Israel to heal him.  Jehoram has several choices to make and things to consider, I'm sure that all of the wealth was a temptation.  He rightfully states that he is not God and can't heal.  He possibly suspects that the prophet Elisha could move God to heal but the last king that tried to call a prophet lost more than 150 soldiers to heavenly fire.  He also makes a statement that the king of Syria is trying to start a war, asking him to perform something that only God can do. His only real choice is to refuse the gifts and refer the request to Elisha.  I wonder how much time passed, if Jehoram sent word or if Elisha learned of this from God.  We don't know where the prophet was, certainly communication would take hours if not days.  Always more questions.  Elisha's response is also interesting, the word prophet in the old testament can mean anyone who teaches, or preaches God's word, it's not always someone who truly prophecies.  Some texts read, let Naaman come so he may see there is a TRUE prophet in Israel.

Today's workout, cardio intervals. 
High knees, climber, windmill, jump rope, step over.

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