Saturday, October 1, 2016

October 1, II Kings 13:1-9 We all need God

We're again looking at the northern kingdom of Israel.  I may have noted this before, it is never written about any of the northern kings that they did what was right before The Lord.  Every king was bad, just to different degrees.  It is suggested that the sequence of these verses is out, they should be read as 1-4, 7, 5-6, 8-9.
Jehoahaz was a bad king who continued with idolatry and other foolishness and as a result was continuously beaten by neighboring armies.  This continued for the first 14 years of his 17 year reign. Even though this man was not following God, something within him realized what the problem was and he turned to Him.  We're told that he did not totally turn but at some level he did acknowledge that he needed God.  That action, along with the fact that Israel is and always will be God's chosen people brought them a savior for those last three years. I believe that even today, the Holy Spirit reveals in the hearts of all men that they need God but the proud and arrogant will not acknowledge Him. And so we have nations worldwide who struggle and fight constantly.

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