Tuesday, October 11, 2016

October 11, II Kings 18:1-12 Hezekiah, there was no king like him

I've always loved reading about Hezekiah, early in his reign he did it all right.  He brought the people back to God, and unlike other kings that walked upright, he tore down the high places to stop idol worship. He also destroyed the bronze serpent that Moses made because people worshiped that. I believe this is a main reason that we haven't and won't find the artifacts that Israel made, or items associated with Jesus, because people will worship the things. Today the shroud of Turin falls in that category. Maybe Jesus was wrapped in it, maybe not but it's just a piece of old cloth. Worship God alone. Counter to that, the nation of Israel was taken captive in Hezekiah's forth year because they would not do what God commanded.

Today's workout. Cardio intervals and 1 mile jog.
High knees, climbers, windmill, jump rope, body saw.

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