Thursday, October 13, 2016

October 13, II Kings 19:1-13 Your God will fall like the rest, maybe.

Some significant things to note today, as soon as Hezekiah hears the news he humbles himself and goes straight to the temple. Judging by the context so far I'd say Hezekiah had a relationship with God. Contrast that with the messengers he sent to Isaiah, they say to him 'your God' an not 'our'. But as Hezekiah was the king, his relationship was more meaningful than his cabinet. I do like the conversation, the exact words aren't here but I can imagine they said something like. 'Tell God what this bully said about Him, maybe if He knows He'll do something'. Why does anyone ever suspect that God doesn't know what's happening? And the response is also cool, in modern slang God says, 'I got this'.  Sennacherib again sends the message of how he conquered other kings and how their gods did not save them. Such a proud and arrogant man is about to be humbled.

Today's workout, cardio intervals.
High knees, climbers, windmills, squats, jump rope. 1 mile jog

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