Friday, October 14, 2016

October 14, II Kings 19:14-37 Hezekiah prays, God is God!

We'll finish the chapter today.  Let's look at Hezekiah's prayer. He receives the letter with Sennacherib's demands and there is no way that Hezekiah can or will comply. He's in a desperate situation but still knows God.  He lays the letter on the altar and his prayer begins with acknowledgement, You are God and there is none like You. It's the first step or should be for any prayer. Do we really understand who God is? It boggles the mind to know that with a thought and word God created everything. It requires a certain level of humility to come to grips with this to know that I am not in charge of my world. Hezekiah knew this, he also knew the promise God made to Abraham and Israel and how the pagans insulted God. His prayer isn't so much for himself as for his people. And God answers, because they are His people and because only God will receive glory. We look in contrast to what Isaiah says about Assyria. He's a proud and arrogant man, I did this, I tore down mountains, I dug deep wells, I conquered cities, I am a self made man (or woman), I am my own god. Sounds like so many people today. And in that one night 185,000 soldiers die. The largest football stadiums hold around 100,000, imagine the seats filled and people lined up on the playing field to capacity. This was the judgment of God against an evil and prideful king.

Today's workout, Pull intervals.
Step, pull-up, box hop, hamstring curl, climbers, row, step-over, bicep curl.

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