Sunday, October 2, 2016

October 2, II Kings 13:10-19 Elisha's final prophecy

The section of verses 10-13 seem out of sequence as Joash is still alive and king in the following text. I've read the story several times and I've heard different sermons on the arrows but I don't think any were accurate. It's the part about smiting the ground, why was the prophet angry that he did so only three times?  I believe I've found the answer.  It was a common tradition or superstition to shoot an arrow or throw a spear into or at a country one intends to conquer, it's said that Alexander the great threw a spear into Persia before advancing. When the prophet gave the arrows to Joash and told him to smite the ground, it didn't mean to take the bundle in hand and strike the ground.  That's what I'd been taught.  He meant to draw each arrow with the bow and shoot them into the ground.  Joash should have shot every arrow, he approached it with a half hearted attitude.

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