Thursday, October 20, 2016

October 20, II Kings 22:1-13 Josiah rebuilds the temple

Back in II Kings 12 Joash had a chest placed in the temple for offerings to make repairs.  It would appear form this text that they hadn't been keeping up.  Now Josiah starts the practice again. What i find incredible here is that they found the book of The Law which had been lost. Jewish histories say that Ahaz, Manasseh, and Amon tried to destroy all copies of The Law, reminds me of Thomas Jefferson who cut out the convicting passages from his bible. The Word of God is sharp, it cuts and hurts when one strays away. In any case it would be impossible to destroy all of The Law, it's been tried before but one must also remember that it's from God and He will ensure that it remains. Modern humanism is still trying although with a different approach, making claims that the bible is a book of myths, just stories to teach lessons. 

Today's workout, Cardio intervals.
High knees, climber, windmill, jump rope, burpee.

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