Saturday, October 22, 2016

October 22, II Kings 23:1-20 Renewing the covenant

Josiah stands before the temple of God and renews the covenant.  He cleans house, or actually houses. He's removing idolatry and all kinds of foolishness from Judah. From the text it appears that most of the people were in agreement. It sounds like a revival, I've never experienced a real revival, been to some camp meetings but not the revivals like I've read of. Could you imagine the leader of any nation, no matter the size, standing before the people and denouncing pagan worship and committing himself and his people to The Lord? For that to happen here in th U.S. we'd really need the Holy Spirit to move. The thing about all the revivals I've read of is they're unpredictable, and unexpected. So while I look at our society and may think revival among these people is unlikely, I still pray that God will stir up His people.

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