Sunday, October 23, 2016

October 23, II Kings 23:21-26 Josiah calls a Passover

Josiah was so convicted that Israel and Judah hadn't held a Passover feast that he immediately called one. Interesting enough that the timing was precisely when it was called for in The Law, the 14th day of the first month.  Most gentiles don't understand all that the Passover is, I'd say that even today a lot of Jews don't understand all of it.  It begins with a cleaning of one's home, all leaven is removed. A painstaking task in itself. Yeast spores are everywhere, should someone spend the week cleaning the home spotless, then place a lump of dough on an open window sill, it will eventually rise. What a great picture of sin in our world.  We could try to clean ourselves up but when we are open to the world it's still there. The feast culminates with a dinner where the main dish is The Lamb of God.  To a traditional Jew, this lamb represents the same lamb that God provided to Abraham. And that lamb was a foreshadow of The Lamb to come, Jesus the Christ.  The salvation of God's people is and has always been through The Lamb.

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