Tuesday, October 25, 2016

October 25, II Kings 24 Babylon takes Jerusalem

The last two chapters in II kings are pretty sad, a once great and powerful nation has done so much wrong that they have fallen and are now slaves in a foreign land. And I think the worst part about it is they were told what would happen and how to avoid it. It's the same problem humans have had throughout time, we're stiff-necked people wanting to control everything ourselves. Through history every great nation eventually falls, one would think that maybe we'd learn something. Nebuchadnezzar occupied all of the land that was originally Israel and Egypt and Assyria.  Not as big as Rome but the largest empire to date.  These last kings, as small as they are, try to rebel against Babylon.  Not smart on two levels, the most obvious being the size and of course the prophecy. 

Today's workout. Cardio intervals and 1 mile jog.
High knees, chop left, climber, chop right, jump rope.

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