Wednesday, October 26, 2016

October 26, II Kings 25 Jerusalem destroyed, all of Israel in captivity

This is a sad chapter in so many ways, it's been a little over 400 years, that can seem like a lot and yet just a short time.  I spent time in Germany when I was in the Air Force, and once traveled to Prague on business. In both places I saw structures that have stood since the Roman empire.  The hotel we stayed at in Prague was such a building. That building is 2000 years old. Sort of puts life in perspective.  At Israel's highest they were the local supreme power, that lasted for about 40 years. For the remaining time they steadily decayed. Sad that this was prophesied from Moses, through the Judges and prophets. Now Jerusalem is besieged by Babylon. The city of Jerusalem wasn't that large, smaller than New York's central park, perhaps between a half to two thirds that size. It was easy for Nebuchadnezzar's army to surround it. The siege lasted nearly two years. It's a patient and cruel form of warfare, starving one's enemy to death. Within the city the people resorted to cannibalism again. Finally trying to make an escape they are all captured, the city taken and destroyed. The chief lessons to be learned, God rules this world and will rise up who He wants. Kingdoms ruled by God will prosper and kingdoms ruled by men will decay and fall. It's even sad today that this simple lesson hasn't been learned.

Today's workout, leg's intervals.
High knees, squat, windmills, glute/ham bridge, jump rope, lunges.

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