Thursday, October 27, 2016

October 27, You already have what you need for ministry

We finished the books on Kings and I want to take a day or maybe a few to reflect on some random thoughts. I plan to go through the book of Luke next. Over the last several years I've both heard people with different ministry ideas and I've had some myself. Some I've actually seen come through, others are still waiting for the right time or for the right provisions. I'll give some examples and look at some people in church history. I know someone who wants to use their talent on a mission trip, the focus is in a foreign underdeveloped country. Those same talents could be used in mission work nearly anywhere but the focus is there, and as yet they haven't gone. I know someone who felt called to preach, the church where this person attended would never allow that to happen. The primary reason is no formal education. This person found a different venue and is now able to preach. I've known people who want to feed the hungry around town and some that are feeding a few.  The same with homeless, looking for a place, or building a place to house homeless vs using what's already there. I also know some people who work with a local church which does find and assist homeless in getting homes. I also know someone who taught Sunday School for years and suddenly lost that opportunity, he writes a daily blog now. (Speaking of myself in third person). 

George Whitefield felt called to preach and local pastors locked him out of their churches. His message was too radical and he was too lively, so he took the word to open fields outside of town. He and his friend John Wesley reached thousands. William Tyndale wanted to translate the bible into a common language, English specifically and 'the church' told him not to. He did anyway and for doing so was executed. But it was his works that were later used in 1611 to write the King James version. George Muller was a missionary to the Jews in London working for a Christian Society. He felt the call to preach but his superiors denied his request. He left that organization and took a position as pastor of a small church. Later he was moved by a dirty homeless boy and took him to his own home. This began a process where he took more children into his home and eventually bought a neighboring house to hold more children. His neighbors began to complain about all of the children and this lead to the purchase of land and construction of an orphanage in Bristol. In his lifetime about 10,000 children went through his orphanage. One more example, a man named J.Edwin Orr was an evangelist and revival history teacher who lived from 1912 to 1987. As a teen he felt lead to preach so he and some of his friends would preach on street corners. They'd sing some songs, share some scripture and testimony. He was given an offer to full time ministry and quit his regular job with encouragement from his friends. At the last minute the offer was rescinded but Orr still felt the call. With the equivalent of a few dollars in his pocket he started out on his bicycle across England. His friends asked him where he'd sleep and what he'd eat. He replied that he would trust God. On that first day when he could have ridden through a rain storm he happened on a truck driver who gave him a lift. He also met a police officer who knew a mutual acquaintance and made arraignments for Orr to spend the night in someone's home. I've heard his testimony that he slept in a feather bed and had eggs and ham which showed him that God would indeed provide. My point in all of this is that if God has called you to do something then you'll find a way to do it with what's at hand. Jeremiah said the word of God was like a fire burning inside him, he had to speak it. When God calls you to do something that's what you'll feel, you MUST do it. If it's preaching it may be in open air or on street corners. Is it feeding the hungry? You can buy stuff to make sandwiches and take them. Is it housing the homeless? Do you have a spare room in your house? If you're waiting for something maybe it's not a call from God, it could still be a good work and be blessed. We're all given skills, certain talents to do things that sometimes may seem effortless to us. A concert pianist simply plays, an artist paints, to them it's joy and not toil. I believe that we should all focus our ministry in areas where God has given us gifts already. What is burning in you that needs to come out?

Today's workout cardio intervals.
High knees, burpees, windmill, grapevines, jump rope.

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