Friday, October 28, 2016

October 28, Can you simply receive a gift?

We live in a society that is so much based on reciprocating actions. doing favors, giving gifts, all seem to have strings attached. I remember an episode of Big Bang Theory when Penny bought Christmas gifts for all of her friends and Sheldon felt like he was obligated to find her a gift of similar value. The ending was excellent, if you haven't seen it I'll address it at towards the end. 

Similar to this is the false sense of charity in the 'pay it forward' chains at fast food restaurants. The idea is that a customer pays for his own and the next person in line. The initial reason isn't important, the concept is that each person is supposed to continue the chain of paying for the next person's, continuing the favor.  The reality is each person is simply paying. When these chains get broken, by someone who actually accepts the gift, the self righteous get angry that the chain was broken.

Imagine that you're walking in a park and see a five dollar bill on a bench.  There's no-one around, do you take it?  Most of us would. Now what if as soon as you took it another bill just appeared in the same place? The greed in us would probably take over and we'd grab that too, but think about the idea for a minute.

Back to the Big Bang episode, Penny's gift to Sheldon was simply an autograph from his idol, Leonard Nimoy.  To Sheldon this was a priceless gift to which he could never return a gift of similar value.

That's what grace is, it's a priceless gift to which no-one can ever repay. It's the five dollar bill that keeps coming back because it's an endless supply. Unlike the pay it forward coffee, you can receive this gift and the next person in line can receive it too. 

If you've never gone to God for His grace, go today.  It's simple, just tell Him you're broken, needy, and sorry. There are no special words, the gift is there, receive it with joy, it's free to all and there are no obligations.

Today's workout, whole body intervals.
Squat, row, hamstrings, push up, lunge, biceps curl, T, triceps extension.

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