Monday, October 3, 2016

October 3, II Kings 13:20-25 Elisha's passing

Most times when I hear sermons on this section it's about the dead man rising after touching Elisha's bones. That's a pretty neat thing.  Let's look a bit at the character of Elisha.  He succeeded Elijah in his ministry.  THere are more details about his life than his master's.  He never seems to falter in his faith.  And he never shows any preference to a person's status.  Where Elijah was intimidated by Jezebel, Elisha wasn't moved at all by Naaman the leper.  Maybe that's a lesson we could learn from Elisha. 

Today's workout. Push intervals.
Step, push-up, grapevine, squat, jump-rope, triceps, lunge, shoulder press.

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