Sunday, October 30, 2016

October 30, Luke 1:1-24 John the baptist birth foretold

Let me try to paint this as a movie scene. We open the chapter with an old man, thin gray hair, wrinkles and some scars on his face. He's sitting at a small table with a candle burning. He has a quill in his hand and several sheets of parchment. As the camera moves we see some of what he's written,"to write an orderly account for you, most excellent Theophilus, that you may have certainty concerning the things you have been taught."

The image fades and we see a different man, he too is elderly, wearing a white priest's robe. He's standing before a gold table stacking 12 loaves of bread. He turns and we see the candlestick, seven candles, one centered and three on each side. He turns again to a small podium it has a bowl with ashes in it. Next to him we now see a gold pail, he picks it up, there are burning coals in it. Using a small shovel he moves the ashes aside, dumps in the fresh coals and then puts the old ashes in the pail. Fianlly he takes some sticks from a pocket and places them on the coals. His actions are almost mechanical, he's dont this so many times before and he's running on auto pilot. He stops for a moment to breathe in the fragrance, a sweet aroma. Suddenly we see between him and the exit there is an angel, the man is afraid, I picture the angel like a 7 foot tall Mr Clean with wings. The priest can't go out through the main door because it's blocked, he can't go the other way because that's forbidden. This could be the opening scene from a comedy or horror movie. Already knowing his wife's name I sometimes flash to an image of Redd Foxx holding his chest, "It's the big one Elizabeth".

It's frightening on one level and humorous on another. God just sent an answer to one of His priests and he didn't believe it. That could be just about any preacher or church member today. Life can become so mundane that we simply go through rituals, never really expecting anything to change. What would you do today if God sent an answer to your prayer? 

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