Monday, October 31, 2016

October 31, Luke 1:26-38 An angel visits Mary

I won't try to picture this, it's been done so many times in so many movies. Let's just look at a contrast between Mary and Zachariah. Mary seems a lot more calm, she accepts that God has sent an angel to speak to her. Her question isn't so much about doubt but deals with the physical or biological reasons for pregnancy. Certainly a teen girl in the first century would understand where babies come from. It's sad that we know nothing about her before this, maybe she had a relationship with God and that's why she was so accepting. Maybe Zechariah has seen so much trouble and pain in his life that it's just hard for him to believe. We can easily get there, life can become such a daily grind that we simply lose faith.

Today's workout, Back-biceps intervals
High knees, pull up, windmill, bicepts curl, jump rope, row.

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