Thursday, October 6, 2016

October 6, II Kings 15 Some people are just footnotes on history

Actually we're all just footnotes on history, here in this chapter we see the history of kings in Israel during the reign of a single king in Judah.  The name Azariah and Uzziah are the same person.  It's said of Azariah of Judah thet he did what was right before The Lord, yet he still did not stop the people from worshiping idols.  And during his reign there were six kings in Israel who all did evil before The Lord. SOme of the things were pretty horific. Those two statements, that the kings of Judah did not stop the people from worshiping idols and that the kings of Israel did evil are a common thread.  The conspiracies, plots, murder and intrigue recorded here sounds more like current events than it does ancient history. The fact is that until the hearts of man are changed by God these same behaviors will continue.

Today's workout is boarding up the house.  Were in the direct path of Matthew.

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