Sunday, October 9, 2016

October 9, II Kings 17:1-23 The fall and exile of Israel

Israel had 20 kings over a period of about 200 years, in all cases it's recorded that they did evil before The Lord.  But Hosea was a bit different, not only did he too encourage idolatry but he formed alliances with opposing nations. This is a base human trait and the reason so many people like watching 'reality' TV shows.  People form alliances that seem convenient while being deceitful.  All the years of idolatry finally lead to the capture and exile of Israel. All of these things were prophecied by Moses, Samuel and many of the prophets. Israel's history, and in fact the history of humanity in general, cycles from idolatry to obedience and back again. It's easy to look at the current world and see idolatry, especially in affluent areas, in some cases it's obvious and in others it's subtle. Anything that either denies the things of God or takes that priority in our lives is an idol. 

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