Thursday, November 10, 2016

November 10, Luke 4:31-42 Jesus heals many, but not His purpose.

The first person we see is a man with a demon who comes to the synagogue 
and is delivered by Jesus. The people can't understand this yet the demon specifically called Jesus by who He is. Next we see Peter's mother in law is sick and healed and from that all of the sick in town come for healing. I've heard preachers use this scripture to manipulate people, verse 40 says all of the sick were healed, so that means all of the sick today who come to Jesus will be healed right?  Wrong! It still goes back to what I wrote yesterday, God will bless who He choses, in this case He was compassionate on the masses and it served His purpose to heal the many. Why did the people come? To her the gospel? To know God? No they came for healing and that's not the message. It's in the last section, the people wanted Jesus to stay with them, to take care of them but He says "My purpose is to preach the gospel to others". Sometimes it's hard to accept when life is filled with turmoil but God is in control of everything, and everything is done for His purpose.

Today's workout, cardio intervals.
Step, climber, windmill, box hop, squat, jump rope

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