Saturday, November 12, 2016

November 12, Luke 5:12-27 Am I sick because I have sinned?

Looking at two different healings and some subtle teachings with them. First being the leper, he wanted to be healed because he was an outcast and could have no human interaction. The touch that Jesus gave him was possibly the first he'd felt in years and probably made the healing so much more valuable. The second man who was paralyzed came to be healed and Jesus first says that he's forgiven. There seems to be an underlying idea, either by this man or by the crowd that the paralysis was caused by sin. I think some times we all have feelings like this, I am suffering because of something I did. The idea of karma. But sometimes we suffer from our own sins and sometimes from the sins of others. And sometimes simply because this world is broken. For the crowd, they grew up in a system that the only way to cover sin is through sacrifice. Jesus just demonstrates His authority over sickness and claims the ability to forgive sin but no-one makes the connection that He is The sacrifice for sin.

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