Sunday, November 13, 2016

November 13, Luke 5:27-32 Do you cheat on your taxes?

Quite frankly I don't like paying taxes but they are a necessity. We enjoy roads, a military force, utilities, law and order and such and this all comes from taxes. Jesus said that we should pay our taxes, render to Caeser what is Caesar's. There is something about money though which attracts corruption. The tax system here in the US is corrupt just as the tax system in Rome was. It's fairly well established that tax collectors made their wealth by overcharging and there was no appeal process when this happened. Levi would have been looked at in a very bad way. His family name says that he should have worked in the temple yet he chose to work for the Romans and as a tax collector. So he has three strikes against him. But there must have been something in him that was looking for God. Jesus saw it and when He called Levi, he left it all to follow Jesus. It tells us he left his office immediately and that night made a great feast in his home with his friends, other tax collectors. We're not told why he held the feast, was it a farewell to his friends? Was he trying to introduce his friends to Jesus or perhaps introduce Jesus to his friends? We don't see an immediate change in Levi's life, just as we don't always see an immediate change in lives of new believers, but the change in Levi was profound. He's later credited with the gospel of Matthew.

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