Sunday, November 20, 2016

November 20, Luke 7:1-17 How do you say I love you?

I don't know or care exactly who figured this out but there are five different ways that people express love and we're not all the same. They are; words of encouragement or affirmation, time together, gifts, service, and physical touch. Our culture today has moved so far from all of these. Most require people to be in the same place. I suppose it's possible to do service and give encouraging words without being with someone but how much more it means to be in person. The thing we lack the most I think is the time together. We live our lives in a specific routine, we work, we rest and we go back to work. On weekends we may have some leisure but then it all starts again. We have only brief encounters with our friends and sometimes even with our families. Much of that is just messaging. The centurion sent word of his sick servant and Jesus went. He didn't send a message, He physically went. Then in Nain he he raised the dead man on the bier, Jesus touched him and then touched his mother. Think about the times that Jesus goes to the people with His message. Remember when Jesus, touched the leper, or when he healed the paralyzed man? The religious leaders were mad at him for healing on the Sabbath but Jesus asked a simple question, is it easier to say you are forgiven or rise up and walk?  Is it easier to say I love you or to go spend time with your neighbor? God put on the form of a man so He could spend time with people. He said I love you in all five different ways so that everyone could understand. People in the church say all the time that we should be Jesus to the world, does your co-worker know that you love them? Do you know someone who's having some trouble? Odds are that you can't fix it but do they know that you love them? You don't have to say anything, when Job's three friends first heard of his plight they came to be with him. When they saw him they didn't say any religious cliché, they sat in the dirt with their friend silently and wept for seven days. Make love a verb, take conscious action to love somebody every day.

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